Luggage Reimagined.

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Zipperless Entry

Location Tracking

USB Charging

Digital Scale

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Luggage Reimagined.

RIP Zippers. Zipperless entry

Trunkster’s crown jewel is a sliding rolltop door, representing the first major update to the core industrial design of luggage since wheels. Durable and water resistant, the rolltop door lets you instantly access your belongings in one swift motion. Rolltop entry is a road warrior’s best friend, specifically engineered to withstand the perils of baggage handling, and providing an enhanced level of theft protection, unlike vulnerable zippers.
RIP Zippers.

Charge on-the-go. USB charging + removable battery

No longer will you be one of those desperate people huddled around a plug at the airport. Trunkster’s power bank is removable and can be used independently of Trunkster to charge your devices wherever. If you need more power, simply upgrade with any USB compatible power bank (only available for carry-on).
10,400 mAh
4x iPhone charge
3 amps charging output
Charge on-the-go.
Weigh wherever.

Weigh wherever. Integrated scale

Weight restrictions vary drastically by airline, and often even by the route. Get ahead of the curve with our integrated digital scale, built directly into the cargo handle. Trunkster’s scale is the first of its kind, featuring heavy-duty sensor protection and patent pending technology for unprecedented durability.
water Resistant
lb / kg units

Accurate global tracking. Trunkster Tracker

Now you don't have to worry about losing your bag, whether it's unexpectedly gate checked, or you're checking for a long journey. Powered by LugLoc, Trunkster Tracker traces your case anywhere in the world with GSM coverage. Best of all, the device is removable so you can share with friends and family, or leave behind when not needed. Each Trunkster Tracker comes preloaded with a year of free traces. This feature is available as an upgrade, sold separately ($40).

If you've purchased a Tracker, learn how to use it here.
Accurate global tracking.
device Agnostic
No subscription
Extended battery life

Effortless maneuvering. Complete control handle

We can think of few worse elements of luggage than flimsy telescopic handles. They break, get in the way of packing, and are nearly useless when moving heavy bags. Trunkster features a robust, full-width handle that gives you enhanced control and balance through many grip positions. Plus, the handle's special design allows for an uninterrupted cargo space for an optimized packing experience.
Effortless maneuvering.
Spinner wheels

Spinner wheels

Rubberized, omni-directional wheels that glide smoothly and silently.
Hybrid construction

Hybrid construction

Premium construction means a stronger, lighter case, made from 100% virgin, scratch / impact-resistant polypropylene.
Integrated organization

Integrated organization

A stealth sleeve allows for an enhanced packing experience and seamless storage for travel essentials.
Side handle

Side handle

Alternate, low-profile handle for versatile and more comfortable handling.
TSA-lock compatible

TSA-lock compatible

Minimalist, secure locking mechanism, compatible with most TSA-approved locks.
Hand-crafted liner

Hand-crafted liner

Specially designed liner that doesn't get in the way.

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  3. Orders shipped outside of the United States may be subject to local taxes.
  4. Trunkster includes a full manufacturer's warranty against defects.
  5. Actual product may differ slightly in appearance from renderings.
  6. Estimated delivery is July 2016, subject to production/shipping delays.