How To Use Your Trunkster Tracker

Please note that the Trunkster Tracker is only intended for Air Travel. It is not recommended for any other context. This is because it uses GSM technology, which is not as accurate as conventional GPS. Furthermore, the device turns itself OFF when it detects movement, which is required to comply with avionics.


Trunkster Tracker has a Rechargeable Battery that lasts over 15 days while the device is ON. This ensures that you will be connected to your Tracker all the time, even if the Flight has connections and your Luggage is lost. As you prepare your Luggage, please remember to charge your Trunkster Tracker device using the USB cable. Connect it to the 110/220V charger or to a computer.

Your Trunkster Tracker must be switched ON while charging. While charging, the red LED indicator will be constantly flashing. When the LED indicator changes from flashing red to steady green, your LugLoc will be fully charged. This may take up to 12 hours the first time, and up to 8 hours the following times.

The Battery Level of your Trunkster Tracker is updated automatically. You will receive alerts when the Battery reaches low levels. If you want to manually refresh the Battery Level of your Trunkster Tracker, please open the Trunkster App, select the desired device to check, and tap on the Battery Icon. You may use this feature as many times as you like.

When the green light is steady, it means that the Trunkster Tracker is fully charged. The green and red light indicators will blink for about 5 seconds as the device activates to the cellular network for the first time. Please keep the device steady during this initial process.

This activation with the mobile network may take up to 5 minutes.


You interact with your Trunkster Tracker through the Trunkster App or through the Website App. To get started with the app, please download the Trunkster Tracker App from Android´s Play store or IOS App Store.

To register a new user, please select Register at the LOGIN screen of the Trunkster App.

The Register button is located at the bottom of the screen. Enter your personal information: Name, Last Name, Email and Password. Then, select “Register” in order to end the registration process.

Device ID 

In order to track your Trunkster Tracker Device you will need to type in your Device ID, the 8-digit number found in the back of your tracker as shown below, once you log in to the app. 

In order to associate a tracker with your Trunkster account, select (+) on the top of the main grid. Then, enter the Trunkster Tracker Device ID number and select Add. 

Once you add your device you will see it listed in the app's main page. Each row corresponds to a Trunkster Tracker, showing the device ID, last location date and time, last battery level inquiry date and time, device name and the icon showing the last battery level.


To unassign Trackers on your account:

To enter the menu, make a swap-right on the grid or select the menu icon at the top left of the view.



Forgotten Password

Users who forget their password have nothing to worry about. The Trunkster App will send you an authentication password to the email address associated with your account. If you do so, select “Forgot your password?” Enter your email address and select the “Recover” option.


In order to track your Trunkster Tracker, you will need Service Plans. Your Trunkster Tracker comes with a FREE 365-days Service Plan. This FREE Service period will begin when you track your device for the first time. You can purchase different Service Plans through the app, or through the Website.

Tracking is done automatically once a Service Plan is initiated. Trunkster Tracker utilizes GSM technology to locate the device, which utilizes a mobile plan. You can purchase Service Plans according to your needs.

Please note that because of the nature of the GSM technology, after 1 Year of not using the Trunkster Tracker, the SIM card inside will be deactivated.

To refresh the location of your Trunkster Tracker, first Tap on the registered device you wish to track in your Trunkster App. You will be taken to the Map View, where you will be able to:

Please note that Service Plans are activated the first time you refresh the device’s location. Thereafter, tracking is done automatically, and you can also refresh the location manually during the period of the Service Plan.

Tracking is done automatically. After refreshing the LugLoc device Location, you will be notified within 90 seconds with the location of your Luggage at any commercial Airport in the world. The location of your luggage will be displayed in the Map View. The location will be displayed inside a circular area, to help locate the Airport at which the LugLoc device is.

To Track your Trunkster, tap on the device you wish to locate wait until the map populates and then select the Tracking Icon.

The Trunkster App requires Internet Connection to operate. Please ensure that you have Wi-Fi connectivity activated in your SmartPhone, or ensure that you have Cellular Data and/or Roaming activated in your SmartPhone.

If the Trunkster Tracker is not ON, the Trunkster will be in OFF state and you will not be able to Track your Luggage.

The Trunkster Tracker has 4 states:

  1. Active: The device is registered to a GSM Mobile network.
  2. Searching: A search has been requested.
  3. Inactive: The device is not registered to a GSM Mobile network.
  4. Off: The device is turned off.


If your SmartPhone is compatible with Bluetooth Low Energy Technology, then you will be able to use this feature with your Trunkster Tracker. The use of Bluetooth is very helpful to take the worry out of you, as it functions as a second level of security for your Luggage.

When your Trunkster is in range with your Smartphone’s Bluetooth, you will be able to perceive how close it is through the Proximity sensor in the Trunkster App. As you get closer to the Trunkster, it will reflect in the App’s sensor.

With this functionality, you will be able to detect if your luggage is on board, as well as perceive when it comes towards you in the baggage carousel.

To activate the Bluetooth functionality of your Trunkster Tracker Log Into your account and tap on the Bluetooth Icon of the desired device on your LugLoc App


Trunkster Tracker powered by LugLoc® has a patented Triaxial Accelerometer that was engineered to turn the device OFF when in flight, and turning it back ON once the plane comes to a full stop. LugLoc® is FAA, TSA and FCC Compliant, and was designed exclusively for Air Travel turns itself OFF automatically when in Flight or in Continuous Motion. The Device turns itself back ON once the device stands still for 12 minutes. Only Trunkster Tracker powered by LugLoc complies with the most strict Airline Regulations, ensuring everyone’s safety.



The device shuts off when in Flight or in continuous motion, reactivating itself when it lands. This means it can’t be detected when it is traveling. Once the Trunkster Tracker activates back ON it will receive the Tracking Request and respond with its location.

You will receive a notification on your smartphone that your luggage was located within 90 seconds of the Trunkster Tracker activating itself back ON.



Accuracy: The Trunkster Tracker device has been designed to help you find your lost luggage on airports all around the world. The Tracker utilizes GSM technology for locating the device and thereby your luggage. This technology relies on triangulation of cellular signals from nearby towers. This technology allows us to accurately show you in which airport your airport luggage is.

Additionally, Trunkster Tracker incorporates a Bluetooth proximity sensor which allows you to know when you are within 200 feet of your luggage at maximum. This helps locate your luggage when you are in the baggage claim area at your destination and if you are boarding a small plane you will be able to know if your luggage made it to the plane's vault.

Why we use GSM technology instead of GPS: The answer is simple, because it's the most reliable in terms of global coverage. When your luggage is checked in at the airport, it is transferred through a labyrinth of conveyors inside the airport where GPS does not work as it requires unblocked line of sight to the open skies. Also, GSM technology utilizes much less battery power than GPS, allowing you to check your luggage location for 15 days or more with our powerful rechargeable battery.

Battery charging: While charging, the red LED indicator will be constantly flashing. When the LED indicator changes from flashing red to steady green, your Tracker will be fully charged.

Battery not charging: Please use another cable and charger. In case the battery wont charge sometimes our equipment’s battery needs a little kick. Please charge your device in OFF mode for 24 straight hours to power source, then turn it ON while still being charged.

No internet connection message: Disable WIFI from your smartphone and try to trace your device by only using 3G or 4G signal. If you are able to track your device please check your Wifi firewall.

Bluetooth not working: Please confirm you're hitting the bluetooth icon on the Tracker app instead of pairing the device with your phone's bluetooth feature. If it's still not working please contact support. 




  1. Your credit card will be charged at time of order.
  2. All sales are final. As a new company, we use the proceeds from orders to finance production.
  3. Trunkster includes a full manufacturer's warranty against defects.